Our products are entirely produced in Slovenia in the embrace of nature with a lot of care for environmental protection.

They are made of the most qualitative and pure ingredients from organic production in smaller quantities and as such, they are premium products in accordance with the required production quality assurance and quality control standard (GMP). We provide high quality cosmetic products which are safe for the end users.

The inner packaging is made of glass.

 It meets all the EU requirements of the high – quality production.

The droppers in serums are made of glass and the holder is of PP. All products are in glass bottles and not in cups due to microbiological integrity. The pump is made of PP and SBC.  Recyclable.

the paper
FSC certificate

of an independent and non – profit organisation that was founded in 1993 with the purpose of promoting of responsible forest management all over the world.

  • ISEGA certificate on the food contact integrity.
  • The CN Carbon Neutral mark that indicates a reduced carbon footprint.
  • 100% of energy needed for the paper production was gained from renewable sources.

Transport packaging is made from a minimum of 90 % recycled material and is fully recyclable.

Ingredients from organic sustainable agriculture

The ingredients in DALÚ Natural Skincare are produced in accordance with high ecological standards to a limited extent and without mass production. This is the only way to ensure the cleanest active substances that do not burden the skin with toxins.

In addition, organic agriculture is the most sustainable farming practice that comprehensively replies to important challenges of the modern agriculture and has a minimum negative impact on the environment. Consequently, DALÚ products, respecting the sustainable principle, indirectly provide a range of positive effects on social well-being.