100 ml/ 3,38 fl. oz.

This extraordinary nourishing and replenishing prestigious body butter will pamper your dehydrated skin. Its soft texture feeds the dry and damaged body skin. The light structure makes it easy to absorb into the skin. The combination of shea, cocoa and coconut butter intensively nourishes and protects the skin against environmental factors. Aloe vera butter ensures an optimal long – lasting and deep hydration and calming of the skin. Mango butter  is a super antioxidant as it is not only deeply moisturizing  but packed full of natural antioxidants and vitamins which bring skin alive. Avenanthramides in oat seed extract act  anti – inflammatory, they reduce redness and calm irritated skin. Oat seed extract contains beta – glucans – a sugar that can retain moisture in the skin. Beta – glucans stimulate your skin to produce more collagen. Intoxicating and sensual scent of wildcrafted red champaca essential oil produces a celestial atmosphere that soothes, relaxes, and strengthens the mind after a stressful day.


The perfect mixture of different butters, oat seed extract and vitamins makes this butter very active. The result is super soft well nourished and hydrated skin. The intoxicated scent of rare and precious  wildcrafted red champca essential oil relaxes your mind and soul after a stressful day.



Dermatological test results allow to conclude that body butter tested on people with a positive history of allergy/atopy( sensitive skin) didn’t have any irritations or alergic reactions.


parabens, mineral oils and paraffins, sulphates and other synthetic surfactants, PEGs, polysorbate 60 and 80, nitrosamines like DEA, MEA, TEA, glycols – propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances ,GMO…


Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Does not irritate your skin.




(Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter)

Cocoa butter gives the skin its softness and nourishes it gently. Cocoa grain extract helps restore the natural moisturizing barrier that protects drying out of the skin. This helps reduce water loss in the skin epidermis. It renews skin elasticity and ensures a high antioxidant protection against free radicals and environmental impacts. It acts anti-inflammatory, sooths the skin and helps to preserve its natural collagen.


(Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract)

Aloe vera is a miraculous cactus-like plant with multiple actions on the skin. Each triangular leaf of the aloe vera plant is composed of three layers with the innermost layer containing a clear gel that’s made of 99 percent of water and numerous potentially active ingredients. The inner leaf juice is removed from the rind and cold- pressed. Pure aloe vera is extracted into a butter. Aloe vera butter contains all the key properties of Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera juice intesively rehydrates the skin. It helps to lock moisture into the skin which consequently has the ultimate smoothening, calming and softening effect on the skin. By stimulating fibroblast activity aloe vera leaf juice slows signs of ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish. Due to salicylic acid aloe vera acts as a gentle exfoliator helping to gently slough off dead skin cells. Aloe vera juice contains polysaccharides that stimulate skin repair and relieve skin irritation. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and naturally contains lignin which aids its ability to draw in other ingredients to this skin and additionaly increas their function.


(Mangifera Indica seed butter)

Mango butter is extracted from the kernels of the mango tree . Mangoes are native to South Asia.  It is a super antioxidant as it is not only deeply moisturizing  but packed full of natural antioxidants and vitamins which bring skin alive.  The light structure makes it easy to absorb into the skin to  intensively nourish and replenish it. Mango butter has softening, soothing and moisturizing properties for the skin therefor it helps to combat dry skin and eczema.


(Cocos Nucifera Oil)

Coconut oil is made from the fruit of coconuts  from the white fleshy inner part of coconuts. Organic coconut oil is made from the fresh flesh, while refined coconut oil generally uses copra, or dried flesh.  Coconut fruit is cold-pressed which allows it to hold onto more of its nutrient density. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and turns to liquid at warmer temperatures. Generally you have to rub it between your hands to get it into liquid form before you use it. By reputation coconut oil is a magical elixir, used in both the kitchen and cosmetics.

Coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids which help to reduce dryness and allow your skin to retain moisture. If you are prone to irritations or sensitivity, coconut oil can help to alleviate any discomfort and provide soothing relief. It provides a protective barrier, helping shield skin from environmental toxins due to antioxidants – vitamin A, B and E.  When used regulary, diminishes the signs of aging. It soaks into skin and makes finelines and wrinkles appear smaller.


(Butyrospermum Parkii Butter)

In the Western Africa Butyrospermum parkii means life. Shea butter is  extracted from the shea tree (Vitellaria Paradoxa) that grows in Central Africa. It first blooms at the age of 20 and can be up to 200 years old. In Africa it has been used for skin healing and as a beauty product for centuries. Shea butter is one of the best natural anti-aging active substances. It has a unique silky composition and gently melts during contact with the skin.  Shea butter contains a lot of vitamins A, E and F. It also contains the natural allantoin, which is a superior moisturizing agent for skin care that becomes soft and elastic. It contains many phytosterols that help renew dry and damaged skin. Its natural protective factor provides minimum protection against sun rays.


(Avena Sativa Kernel Oil)

The oat plant  ( Avena Sativa) is actually a type of grass. There is a stage in the plant’s life cycle when its seeds are green and soft, and they produce a milky substance when squeezed. By harvesting the oat tops at this time, you can get the oats’ beneficial nutrients when they’re fresh and easy to extract. One of the most common and ancient uses of oats is to calm irritated or itching skin. Avenanthramides act anti-inflammatory , they reduce redness and calm irritated skin. Oat seed extract contains beta-glucans. This is a sugar that can retain moisture in the skin. Beta-glucans stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, making it plumper and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier to hold moisture in and protect against damage. They also stimulate cell growth.


(Michelia Champaca flower oil)

Red Champaca Essential Oil is derived from a subtropical tree with gorgeous  and  deeply fragrant flowers native to south and east Asia. Also known as Champa/Champak or chenbekam (in Tamil). This euphoric essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the fragrant (young) flowers of a tree regarded as one of the most sacred trees of India and tropical Asia. The plant is known as ” Sapu ” in Sinhala, and “Champika” in Sanskrit. The fragrance of champaca is seductive, intense intoxicating , sweet , floral and fruity .  This sensual  and beautiful fragrance produces a celestial atmosphere that soothes, relaxes, and strengthens the mind after a stressful day. The flower extract is used as a primary ingredient in the world’s most expensive perfumes.

The body butter is suitable for normal, dry and very dry skin. It is suitable for both genders. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

The butter is applied in the evening after showering to the entire body, but not on the face. Due to its moisturizing, nourishing, regenerative and soothing effect on the skin, it is suitable for dry, very dry and normal skin.


Body butter may also be used as after sun care as it has an excellent restorative and soothing effect.


Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*/**, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter*/**, Cocos Nucifera Oil*/**, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter*/**, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*/**, Avena Sativa Kernel Oil*/**, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract*/**, Tocopherol*, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Michelia Champaca Flower Oil*.

*Ingredients from natural origin (100,0 %)
**Ingredients from organic agricultural source (99,5 %)

Weight 83 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Dermatological study was performed under dermatological control on a group of 50 volunteers, including 25 volunteers with a positive history of allergy/atopy(sensitive skin). The study allows to conclude that product Body butter prestige 100 ml used by volunteers, that didn’t report documented oversensitivity or history of adverse reactions to individual ingredients of the tested product, is well tolerated by the skin. In the tested group of volunteers there were no irritations or allergic reactions.

J.S.Hamilton Laboratory

  1. Maja

    Wonderful smell. Real aromatherapy. I also use it for my face and despite my oily skin it doesn’t cause pimples.

  2. Anja

    Great and nice scented cream for me and my partner.

  3. Diana

    Soft and fragrant texture that absorbs immediately, I love this butter! I used this butter even during pregnancy and prevented dry skin.

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