At DALÚ Natural Skincare, nothing is left to chance.

The core features in the creation of our products, are the rare and precious ingredients that are used to create each one. The ingredients of every product are carefully selected with the end user in mind. Medicine, nature and biotechnology go hand in hand for the optimal effect on your skin.

The meanings of DALÚ embody exactly what is the essence of our prestigious cosmetics. Gratitude comes first – a respectful tribute to nature, which gives us the raw materials for the beauty and health of our skin.  In the Indian language (Sanskrit), DALÚ means God’s gift and the natural ingredients in our products are definitely God’s gift.

The symbolism of Arabic is eloquent: DALÚ is a fountain jug. A fountain is a water source which is the vital fluid for our health and existence. The name DALÚ represents the immense power of nature for the beauty and health of the skin.

Welcome at DALÚ, where nature and premium technology go hand in hand and offer the best there is - priceless experience of health, beauty and care for nature.

From the stunning scent of frangipani and magnolia champaca to the prestigious amaranth oil, Indian fig oil … Every product contains carefully selected natural ingredients.

We use more than 150 carefully selected natural ingredients, natural biotechnological and plant extracts.

Feel the power of the nature that keeps all its originality in the ecological products and indulge your skin in pure luxury.

With the help of the modern technology and ecological processes such as cold pressing and steam distillation, we keep most original active substances in the product. All raw materials come from controlled organic production in harmony with nature and without exploitation of people or destroying the nature.

Stable, absorbent and silky texture with exclusively natural ingredients is a true challenge which was successfully overcome, so we can offer you nature’s best products.


Extremolyte Ectoin® and anti-pollution complex Herbashied URB® for a flawless radiant skin without finelines and wrinkles.

In every DALÚ product there is at least one high performance natural biotechnological complex.

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Extremolyte Ectoin® is a multi-function, cosmetically active ingredient of high biotechnological knowledge.

It has outstanding properties that protect the cells, anti-wrinkle effect, and intensively moistens the skin. Efficiency is proven with numerous in vivo studies. Ectoin® is the most common extremolyte found in nature. Extremolytes are natural molecules formed within extremophile organisms that are among the smallest and oldest forms of life on earth. The extremolyte does not enter the cell nor it reacts with proteins but stabilizes the cell structures, so it can protect the human epithelium from allergens, UV light, air pollutants, heat and desiccation.

Constant exposure to air pollutants is one of the biggest threats for the skin health. The contaminants affect the skin on many levels because they stimulate inflammatory pathways, cause oxidative stress and accelerate skin aging.

Antipollution complex Herbashield URB® is a multi – component active substance with the COSMOS certificate, made from extracts of watercress, nettle, horsetail and from natural phospholipids. It is provenly efficient in decreasing skin damage due to pollution and slows down ageing, namely through strenghtening the skin structure, improving detoxication with active substances of plant extracts, and with an additional cell protection due to high antioxidative ability.

Blue Beauty by Dalu

Dalú Blue Beauty ingredients that genuinely work!

We DID it!

Dalú is blue beauty powered brand.

Ocean ingredients

(Eco alga Chylindrotheca fusiformis, Spirulina – bioactive blue-green microalgae from the Cyanophyceae family, Hydra energizing marine complex)

and eco-glass packaging are only two of the goals we have achieved.