The importance of science behind natural skincare

What exactly are biotechnological ingredients? It sounds so sophisticated and scientific. And it actualy is!  Biotechnological ingredients are produced in a lab by scientists who use living, natural derived substances to recreate them or produce very similar raw ingredients. In this way the land, water and resources that would normaly be required in farming are significantly reduced to almost zero.

Biotech beauty creates advanced products that go beyond typical cosmetic formulations and uses cutting-edge scientific research to create inovative ingredients like stem cells, peptides, enzymes, …. It utilises genetic engineering, molecular biology, nanotechnology,and biochemistry to generate unique and effective beauty solutions.

Biotechnological ingredients have numerous clinical validations and studies to deliver results and safety.

What is the role of lab-grown ingredients?

  • Safety
  • Purity
  • Sustainability
  • Customization
  • Reduces problems in supply chains
  • Innovations

What is innovation in beauty industry ?

Biotechnology offers advanced targeted solutions for skincare problems. It can create enzymes, growth factors, stem cells… It drives the development of new skin delivery systems ( e.g. liposomes, gene therapies, nanotechnology based treatments…). On biotechnological ingredients extensive clinical trials have been conducted to validate efficiency and safety. We are talking about evidence-based skincare solutions. Biotechnology takes into account the influences of environment and lifestyle and understands how it affects our skin. The convergence of biotechnology and skin health enables dermatology and skincare more tailored, personalized and precised solutions for various problems. It allows understanding the skin on cellular and molecular levels which identifies underlying skin conditions, ageing processes…

How can biotechnology be sustainable and cruelty-free?

It reduces environmental impact in manufacturing processes throughout the product lifecycle and helps lessen animal testing.

Every Dalú product contains several premium COSMOS certified biotechnological complexes which are merged with other raw luxury organic ingredients.


Dalú products are clinically tested. Which means that we use biotechnological ingredients which are already tested & we test the end product in independant clinical laboratory.


Precious facial oil serum


Marine Collagen Serum


Anti-aging pearl elixir