Chatting with the devoted preschool teacher, a mother

Diana Merše Vičič,

loves her life and the energy she reflects.

Lives near Postojna with two “baby dragons”,  a husband and many people that loves her a lot. She has created her positive energy environment in her life where she feels safe and loved.

Key takeaways from Diana

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear SPF
  • Stay positive every day
  • Never forget on your skin

Preschool teacher and mother of two baby dragons. How do you combine both – work and raising your children? Does your knowledge help you with your kids, or do you find it as a limit? Do you react and act more spontaneously with your children and home than in kindergarten?

Both work and family, for me, are easy to combine. I am very successful with my children. They are amazing kids. What I have learnt at work gave me the basics and has prepared me to be a parent. But every day, I keep learning new things, at work and home. My days are very active, and playful and sometimes very hard to bear.

Still, both being a parent and a teacher are bringing me great pleasures and challenges. I am enjoying my life with children.

Does your work affect your skincare? We know stress can cause changes in the skin. How do you cope with stress, and are you noticing any changes in your skin due to stress? When you try to keep your mental health in shape, you help with spiritual exercises – such as yoga, breathing control, and meditation.

I keep my mental health in shape with long walks in nature, no phone, with much fresh air.

I have faced many difficulties with my skin when I had stressful days. When I am under stress, I am not drinking enough, and this is the time my skin dries out. I keep my mental health in shape with long walks in nature, no phone, with much fresh air.

Working with children is not always playing around, drawing with kids and cuddling. What keeps you “off the track” when you are working with kids?

With children, it is entertaining to work with, but sometimes it can also be difficult.  In kindergarten, we have to take care of each child. But each has its own needs and interests. 

I keep focusing on that each child is noticed and that each child feels safe and satisfied when they are with me. 

I fall off track each time I cannot fulfil all the planned activities because some kids are too playful, naughty or tired. At that moment, the only thing that helps is to sit down with kids, and they come to me. Sometimes the nearness and the hug are all the kids need. This is how we create a very relaxed day for all of us.

How has your work changed over the years? Who has changed more – you or your children? Both? How have changes had an impact on your relationship with children?

During the last few years, many changes have happened.

We all grow and develop as the world changes. 

I love to stay spontaneous, playful and reactive, keeping the focus on the kids.

What encouraged you to show interest in skincare?

I started to pay attention to my skin in the last few years. This is also when I noticed the first changes on the skin. Little wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. I am a lucky sister to have a brother such as Luka. He has encouraged me to act now, otherwise, I will be too late. My brother is a makeup artist.

During this time, how have you developed your skincare routine? Do you take more time for your skin today than you use to?

My skincare routine today is more complex. I keep it up every day without losing a day. It used to be very simple – make-up remover and moisturising cream. Today my skincare goes like this: I clean my makeup with micellar cleansing water than I use a moisturising cream and hyaluronic serum. I also use face masks, I adore the feeling of clean, soothed, revitalised skin.

What is the most important thing you have learned about skincare during time and how it has impacted your life?

There are two things I have learned, and I don’t make a compromise about that  – drinking enough water and always using sunscreen protection.

What was your biggest challenge regarding your skincare, and how have you overcome this challenge?

The most difficult was finding the cream that fits my skin. In these years, I have changed many creams and cleansers.  Today I have found the skincare that suits me and my skin.

How do you keep motivated in difficult times, and how do you stay positive? How this affects your everyday?

I stay positive and motivated because of my kids. When I work on what I love, I don’t have problems with motivation. But sometimes it is challenging to get yourself motivated and then I find myself in a never-ending circle of postponing. Skincare is my daily ritual which I never skip, even when I have a terrible day. The only exception is when I am tired, which is easily noticeable on my face.

What does self-care mean to you and how do you practice self-care in your own life?

I admit that too many times, I don’t take enough time for myself. When I finally find time, I use it for leisure activities or visits to a spa or beauty salon.

How do you define success, and how does that impact your approach to your skin and other aspects of your life?

If you are successful and you have a good day, everybody will notice your positive energy vibrations. Positive energy is extremely important for our well-being and health. We face many challenges on daily bases, and they can make a huge impact on our mental and physical health. It depends on us how we will react and how we will face the day.

Do you have any specific favourite skincare products or rituals which you admire the most?

Sometimes when I have time, during my skincare, I also do a face massage with my gua-sha face roller. I should do this more often because my skin is more plumping, strengthened and youthful.

If you would stay on a deserted island, what would you take with you?

I adore and must have my moisturising cream with me all the time. I hate the feeling of itchy and tightening skin.

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