Chatting with the multi-talented

Anuška Berdnik,

teacher, soul healer and a friend.

Anuška – experienced elementary school teacher loving and devoted to children and education. Loves her life and self-care. Trapped in time, ready to solve and help every possible problem for a better life for her pupils.

Anuška Berdnik, RWRS, real women real stories

Key takeaways from Anuška

  • Face yoga
  • Breathing exercises
  • Healthy living & eating
  • Nature is my natural healer
  • Always choose the best for you

As a professional teacher in elementary school, you are probably facing day-to-day challenges that are sometimes hard to overcome. What is your morning routine to get ready for the day?

I find my work as my life path – my “call”. Hard educational rules are no longer valid – children and time has overcome what used to be a good education practice. I keep continuing to fulfil myself in children’s psychology. Every day I have to adjust to individual children’s needs, parents’ needs and the environment children live in – a good or bad family, it doesn’t matter.  To be successful with my time with children, I have to keep up my personal life. I have to be happy and whole. I start my daily routine at 6 am. With a few stretching moves, a shower and a healthy breakfast, I am ready to face the new day. I also do face yoga. Every morning I use a cleansing tonic, serum and hydration cream. I like clothes, I love to look and feel good.

Does your work impact your skincare? We know that stress can cause changes in your skin. How do you “treat” stress, and do you see any changes in your skin due to the stress?

I am successfully handling stress with breathing exercises.

My work causes much stress, but on the other side, it also gives me much motivation and new fresh energy. Stress leaves marks on my skin. After a hard and long time, my skin looks “tired”, with no energy and no elasticity. It is less fresh, and wrinkles are getting deeper. I also get dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. I am successfully handling stress with breathing exercises.

Working with children also gives you the power and new energy to face the new day and the future. What is the thing you like the most about your work? Does it fulfil you?

Every day we have to pay more and more attention to individual differences between children. I am happy to know “my children” so much that I know their strengths and weaknesses.

I have reached my purpose when children trust me.

I work hard on my relationship with parents, and it makes me happy and satisfied when children and parents return for a simple chat. We all love remembering the days of school and all the moments we have spent together.

How has your work changed over the years? Who has changed more – you or children? Both? How has this changed your relationship with children?

We have all changed – children, parents and also myself. It is hard to say who has changed more. Children in every way are changing every day at this age, so I guess many changes are on them. It is difficult for me to observe all the changes they must adopt. We increasingly face problems with difficult children who are hard to find peace. There is a huge lack of respect due to people who work in schools, between children and parents and inside the family. I also noticed that parents are under stress. Due to long hours at work, they don’t have enough time to spend with their children.

We have all changed – children, parents and also myself.

What makes me happy is that during my lifelong teaching experience, I can contribute to those relationships. All the years of teaching help me to get through.

What inspired you to become interested in skincare?

My obligation to a regular skincare routine goes back to a time when I was a little girl. It goes a huge thanks to my mum. She raised me with all the basics, not just for skin care but how to treat my body as a whole. When it comes to skincare, my first thought goes to face, how to treat it well and properly to make it shine in all ages. As a teenager, I have a very basic and simple skincare routine. I have usually picked up what I find in ads. Soon I discovered that not every cream is good for my skin. When I finally found the right one for me, I was happy. I was also reading many dermatological books and articles on the internet about skincare. I am very afraid of getting skin cancer. With my mum, we observed the dark spots to see if they grove or change. For the last few years, I visit a dermatologist once a year regularly.

How has your skincare routine evolved over time?

First, you have to adopt the idea that only a good product can help you fight the ages properly.

With time, I have become a little more picky about the products I choose for my skin. Of course, it has to do with the finance also. But first, you have to adopt the idea that only a good product can help you fight the ages. I decided to choose only the best for me and my skin. This is the best investment in your skincare health. A good cosmetic product is like a good steak you eat in a restaurant. I love the face mask and eye patches. This quick skincare routine gives me back my confidence, and it is a quick and efficient moisturiser.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about skincare, and how has it impacted your life?

Our real beauty comes from within. I have learned a few facts about how to take care of your skin in basics – good and healthy food, hydration, hydration and one more time, hydration and skin cleansing.

Beauty comes from within.

My effort goes to enough sleeping and being happy with myself. Only if you are truly happy you can reflect positive energy. All this affects my general health.

What has been your biggest challenge regarding your skin, and how did you overcome it?

During my summer vacations, I have got a severe reaction on the skin under the chin, shoulders and upper part of my back. It was so hard I had to visit a doctor. I got some antibiotic cream and some advice.

Sun is not good for the skin.

When everything calms down, I learn that I have to shower every time I get out of the water and that I am not allowed to be under the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. It looks like it was an allergy that was a combination of sun, sea and cream I was using then. That gave me a lesson. Now I strictly follow these rules.  Sun is not good for the skin.

How do you stay positive and motivated during difficult times, and how does that impact your skincare routine?

I am always looking forward to my nap time. Time for me. When I feel stressed, irritated and lost, I take a walk in nature – I am calmed down by nature, the sound of birds singing and all these beautiful landscape in the spring.

Nature is my natural healer.

Very precious time for me is time with my friends – chit-chatting for hours when I have time. I am proud of my family and what it has achieved. That makes me happy and proud – my boys. When I am not the best version of myself, that reflects on my skin. It becomes fluffy, and wrinkles become even more profound and deeper. I wish to have as few days like this as possible.

How do you define success, and how does that impact how you approach skincare and other aspects of your life?

Success is extremely important for my self-fulfilment. Only a happy and satisfied person is creative in all aspects of her life. Subsequently, it is positive in relation to another person.

You have to love yourself first to love others.

Prioritise your health because it has an enormous impact on your skin.

Do you have any personal rituals or favourite skincare products that keep you looking your best?

I do have my personal ritual – this is my evening skincare routine that I always do. I adore this time of the day. Some of my favourite products are refining lotion, micellar water, face serum, a good moisturiser, face mask and eye patches.  I always look to have enough of everything in stock so that my routine never stops.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one skincare product, what would it be and why? You don’t have to speak about the brand – the type of skincare cream, serum etc.

Water is the essence of our existence.  I always carry water with me.

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