Chatting with the energetic and successful

Špela Šega,

a mother and an entrepreneur.

Nail tech and nail educator that has “nail” the Slovenian nail market. Špela is best know here in Slovenia based on her devoted and energetic work for the ladies. An amazing nail stylist and a heartfull person you would love to meet and chat with. Her unstopping force to make things better and bigger is just something you can not miss.

Not every day is the best day in our lives. To make a better day, Špela helps herself with beauty treatments. As a huge fan of Dalú she trusted us with some of her skincare routine behind the “nail” scenes.

Key takeaways from Špela

  • Alternative and healthy lifestyle
  • Try and experience – if it suits a friend, it’s not necessarily good for you
  • Accept your skin
  • Enough sleep

As a professional nail artist, you have a unique talent for creating miniature works of art on a daily basis. How do you use this creative mindset to find beauty in the everyday moments of life outside of your

As a nail stylist, I learned that creativity is not limited only to my work, but I can also use it in my everyday life. I often find inspiration for creating in everyday moments when I am in contact with nature, art and the people who surround me.

How has becoming a mother influenced your approach to skincare?

“No matter how hard it is, always look to yourself. Find time for self-care.”

As a mother, I know how important it is to take care of myself. We often find mothers in stressful situations that can affect our skin. Besides, I decided I would also use only natural products that are skin-friendly and don’t contain harmful ingredients. This is the solution to avoid allergic reactions on my skin, which are very often. As a mother, I realize that I have to pay attention to what I apply to my skin, as some ingredients can also pass through my into the mother’s milk and affect the baby because I am an ardent supporter of breastfeeding.

Do you “wear” your nails?

I am the exclusive distributor for the English brand The GelBottle Inc, which is vegan and not tested on animals so I “wear” my work, but due to lack of time, I have to leave it to my nail colleague Lara, and that makes me happy. We are talking about very long nails. Take a look.

If you had to choose a nail polish colour to represent your personality,
what colour would it be and why?

Definitely, I  would choose earth colours because to me these colours represent calmness, subtlety and neatness. However, as I mentioned, I also like to go to extremes for my business and try new things.

What inspired you to become interested in skincare?

My interest in skincare started relatively early. The culprit for this is atopic dermatitis and also the desire to maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance, that’s why I started exploring skin care products.

How has your skincare routine evolved over time?

“It all started with a very basic product – soap.”

My skincare routine evolved from simple steps like washing my face with soap and water in a whole protocol, which I never skip either in the morning or evening! Of course, finance has paid a huge role in my skincare routine. From basics to the final upgrade of my perfect skincare that I am so satisfied with.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about skincare, and how has it impacted your life?

I am the kind of person who swears for an alternative and healthy life, so the same applies to my skincare. Due to atopic dermatitis, what I apply to my skin is important. After use, I have to feel good. I honestly admit that with Botox, I would probably save some money, but this is not my goal. I love the glowy look of my skin without makeup.

Have you ever struggled with feeling confident in your own skin? What
has it helped you overcome those feelings?

Yes, and even with world-renowned cosmetics. I’m a very visual type of person, and all that is beautiful, my eye quickly perceives. As I mentioned before, atopic dermatitis has taught me a lot I quickly let go of things, including anything that smells excessively. I have tested a lot of creams and often experienced an allergic reaction in the form of burning and red skin on my skin that reacted with itching.

What is your biggest skincare goal, and what steps are you taking to
achieve it?

“Not everything that suits your friend,  have to suit you also.”

Discuss these matters with experts who determine your skin type and advise on what procedures and products to properly care for the skin. What suits a friend, doesn’t have to suit you also. With the help of Doctor Lucija, I have embraced some new technics and procedures on how to treat my skin properly. 

How do you prioritize self-care in your life, and what are some of your
favourite self-care practices?

Of course, as a teenager, I had problems with impure skin and a modest knowledge of skin care skin. At the age of 18, I had a terrible outbreak of atopic dermatitis, which they did not get over not even dermatologists could. After age 25, I somehow managed the matter and my skin is under control. It helped me accept my skin and learn that no skin is perfect. I have also mastered proper skin care and choosing products that are suitable for me.

What is your biggest skincare goal, and what steps are you taking to
achieve it?

My biggest goal in skin care is to maintain a healthy appearance and avoid skin problems. To achieve this goal, I take a few simple steps (according to the instructions of Dr. Lucia) which include regular cleansing and moisturizing to suit my skin type. Furthermore I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise activity and enough sleep.


Considering that I have been using DALU for quite some time and have already used all the products, it is currently my favorite combination Anti-aging pearl elixir + Intensive moisturizing face cream. I must not forget Body butter, which I used daily during pregnancy for taking care of the pregnant belly and successfully remained without stretch marks.

How do you define success, and how does that impact the way you approach skincare and other aspects of your life?

Because I run my own company, there are often very stressful situations when even the most positive person sometimes collapses. This is the time when you start bringing all the bad energy home to my family. And that is not ok.  That’s the time I realise that doing sport is my primary solution to unstress the skin.  This is the moment when I realised that sport has brought me back to become a better mother, a better wife and a better entrepreneur. And never I don’t forget to take care of the skin after sports, which is the key to feel better.

If you are experiencing the same problems as Špela read also our BLOG Atopic Dermatitis or order for free consulting minutes with Lucija Kračun, MD, your skin consultant. For a start, take our skin quiz to get a first impression of what is right and good.

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