Fifty And Fabulous

Lucija Kračun, MD
Specialist of family practise
AAAMED diploma for aesthetic medicine

As we age, our skin changes. As with everything else, our  skin is also under the impact of constant changes. But it is not all that black. It doesn’t mean that by the time  you reach 50 and menopause, your good skin days are just a matter of the past. It is much more, but nothing comes easy. To manage all the changes in your body and consequently on your skin, you will have to adopt more skincare routines to give your skin an eternal youthful look.  Fine lines and wrinkles on the horizon? No problem, using powerful anti-aging ingredients will help you face the lines of the time. Is your skin drying out faster than you wish to? Choose a good moisturiser. Keeping skin moisturised and nourished correctly can help you manage all the signs of skin ageing and have more youthful skin than mature and dried.

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Some experiences and facts that all the women around the world are facing.

We are the same in many things but so different when it comes to our bodies.  Each individual experience is important so that we can share our thoughts and experiences of how we can treat our skin to make it glow.

If you’ve already mastered the basics (cleanse, moisturize, protect), now’s the time to incorporate some active ingredients into your routine that will help speed up cell turnover and increase collagen production.

The moisturising call is “knocking” on the doors  — incorporate it into your day-to-day skincare routine.

Some experiences and facts that all the women around the world are facing

– “When I reached my 50’s, my skin became more dried and had more fine lines, with which I made peace.” But? I have chosen to embrace the natural ageing process.”

– “Sunscreen is the ultimate solution. Now more than ever. I wish I had used it more when I was younger.”

– “As my skin matured, I have faced the loss of collagen and moisture due to the loss of estrogen. I also got some wisdom spots.”

– “What I practice regularly is frequent facials. You need individualised treatment and consistency.”

– “Aging has caused my skin to become drier and more sensitive to season and temperature changes. I also got more darkness under my eyes….” I like to use Immortelle Timeless cream in combination with Precious Facial Oil Serum and Refining lotion.

– “My daily routine includes a good micellar cleansing water and refining lotion.”

– “Caring for your skin is both – an inside and outside job”

– “Instead of overtreating my skin the way I used to, Im now only treating the areas that need it, preventing future damage while correcting past damage.”

– “I avoid using hot water on my skin – cold or lukewarm water only.”

– “As I get older, I notice my skin is much less plump, and it can dry out more easily. I find stress or lack of sleep can deplete the lustre.”

– “Since turning 50, my skin has lost elasticity and volume. There are more fine lines and pigmentation. The texture, in general, looks a bit more mature.”

– “My skin and body are to keep them as healthy and natural as possible. I have a busy life, so I need something simple.”

– “Just a few well-chosen products from the same brand.”

Lucija Kračun, MD

Skin specialist & expert

Dalú Natural Skincare

Going through the experiences of women  around the globe, I have seen all of us facing different barriers when trying to keep our skin young and healthy. You have to deal not only with your skin but also with your mind. With good and bad days, you have to find solution for your skin, body & mind to keep your eternal youth.

Here are a few pieces of advice I strongly recommend to keep your goals about your healthy skincare alive.

  • Avoid the sun; if in the sun, use sunscreen protection. Choose a good one so that it works.

  • Moisturise regularly every day. As you can see from the experience of others, this is the most important thing to keep your skin hydrated and plump every day.  For mature skin: Immortelle Timeless cream, Anti-aging pearl elixir,  Precious facial oil serum, Hyaluronic acid youth elixir

  • Consult your cosmetic expert and find a skincare routine that fits your best. It has to be tailored to your skin’s needs. Don’t go for regular; there is much more to be done. Try a clinic that is close to you and fits your requirements. We are happy to offer our Slovenian customers our Dalú clinic & spa

  • Get an anti-aging treatment like a laser treatment, microneedling or mesotherapy or choose  one of Dalú magic facial treatments, which increase collagen and tighten the skin. Ask our Dalú clinic & spa expert to choose the right treatment that suits your skin.

One generous swipe is all you need for a glowy, plump pout.

Hydration is the key to healthy and glowy skin. Use every moment you can for your self-care.

Don’t forget on few of this also very important tips about day-to-day skincare that are having a huge impact on your skin & health.

  • Don’t smoke or quit smoking.  Drink alcohol limited.

  • Sleep enough

  • Drink enough water

  • Wash your face every day

  • Control your stress wherever possible – Stress causes changes to the proteins in your skin and reduces its elasticity. This loss of elasticity can contribute to wrinkling formation. Stress may also lead to repeated furrowing of your brow, which may also contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

  • Your neck & hands are also showing signs of ageing; keep them in mind

  • Stay active

  • Don’t forget on the lips

Work today for the future of your skin and your eternal youth.

Start today,

to stop sagging skin, and wrinkles and start boosting skin’s elasticity.

Use Dalú powerful & effective anti-aging treatments.

Adding an anti-ageing product to your skin makes your skin look healthy, smooth

and with a

youthful glow.


Source: British Vogue


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