How can you make your skincare routine more sustainable?

Lucija Kracun, MD, CEO and owner

Lucija Kračun, MD
Specialist of family practise
AAAMED diploma for aesthetic medicine

1/ Buy from sustainable skincare brands

At DALÚ Natural Skincare it is all about skincare and sustainability. We strive to  be enivronmentally conscious because it is the only way we will save our planet for future generations.

»Our mission is creating a genuine natural high-performance skincare with visible clinically proven results. Sustainability is one of our most important values. We made a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Every single step we take in making our products is taken with ethics and integrity in mind.”,
Dr.Lucija Kračun

DALÚ Natural Skincare is produced in harmony with nature and for nature.

We have been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by  Positive Luxury, in recognition of our excellence and sustainability.

We are recognised as a brand to trust.

We use only glass for our products since the establishment of the brand. Our secondary packaging is  CN and  FSC certificated.  100 % of energy needed for the paper production was gained from renewable sources.

What FSC means ?

Is an independent and non – profit organization that was founded in 1993 with the purpose of promoting of responsible forest management all over the world.

What is CN ? 

The CN – Carbon Neutral mark indicates  a reduced carbon footprint.

2/ Buy  from certificated natural/organic skincare brands

If you want to make sure your skincare is really natural or organic check the list of ingredients.  All good products have either a certificate or they write the percentage of natural and organic ingredients on packaging.

With the certificate you are 100% sure that the product is really what the brand claims it is.

You have many certificates from COSMOS, Natrue, Ecogea, FDA Organic…. depends on the country.


Dalu Sustainable Skincare

3/ Recycle Packaging and Reuseyour Skincare Empties

For any packaging that you can’t refill or reuse, make sure you are recycling it accordingly. Most bottles will have a small triangle symbol on them signaling that they are safe to recycle. You can rinse it and put it directly into its respective recycling bin. 

A great way to cut down on your waste is re – using your skincare empties. Try filling jars and bottles  with spices in the kitchen, or wax to create candles, transform them into oil diffusers or even use them to store your makeup or stationary supplies. 

4/ Use Reusable Cotton Rounds

Cotton requires a large number of pesticides in order to grow and these chemicals are not only potentially making their way to your skin but are also harmful to the environment. Organic cotton rounds are definitely an eco – friendlier alternative.

By using reusable and washable cotton round you can reduce waste greatly.

5/ Do NOT buy from Companies that Test on Animals

DALÚ Natural Skincare  is a 100% cruelty free brand . In addition almost all our products are VEGAN. At DALÚ we strongly oppose to animal testing: we do not test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do our suppliers or any third-parties.

We  do NOT  sell our products where animal testing is required by law.

We regulary contribute to ocean conservation organisations. 

Not tested on animals

6/ Buy from ethically conscious skincare brands

The vision is clear and compelling: a world in which business prospers, societies thrive and the environment flourishes. At Dalú we only partner with companies  that follow our Code of conduct and our sustainability standards. Coordinated action can be difficult sometimes and time consuming but in the end, it is worth it. Our goal has always been and will remain Clean Beauty. 

7/ Do NOT Leave the Tap Running

Did you know that only 1 percent of water  is available for human consumption? The world is overpopulated and our rivers and lakes are being polluted every day.  In some parts of the world people do not have drinking water. Because of global warming air temperature is rising and glaciers are melting. A really simple but effective way we can all conserve water is by reminding ourselves to turn off the tap when we aren’t actively using it. For example, when you are lathering up your cleanser and applying it or brushing your teeth, there’s no need to have the water running. Switch it off and then back on to rinse. 

8/ Do not Use Face Wipes

Makeup wipes are often made of non – biodegradable materials and plastic packaging. They are endangering sea life. Animals recognise wipes as food. After eating plastic they become sick or they chocke. In addition they are harmful to your skin.

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